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Our History

The history of Groupe Lebel began in 1956 when Deniso Lebel acquired his first sawmill in Squatec, Témiscouata, Québec. This was the start of a long adventure hi-lighted by several acquisitions and expansions. His son, Louis-Frédéric Lebel, has managed the family-owned business from the head office in Rivière-du-Loup since 2004.

As one of eastern Canada’s leading lumber manufacturers, Groupe Lebel is a vertically integrated company, from cut logs to the distribution of finished products. The company’s operations include sawmills, wood treating and value-added plants.

Sawmills are where the company started and remain its primary focus. Groupe Lebel currently owns eight sawmills producing 300 million board feet annually that employ more than 500 individuals.

Treated wood holds an important role in the enterprise, more so since the creation of Traitement Lebel Goodfellow Inc. (TLGI) with seven wood treatment plants serving markets across Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. TLGI’s annual production of 150 million board feet of treated wood makes it the largest manufacturer in eastern Canada with unsurpassed geographical coverage.

Finally, value-added items are produced at four plants located in two provinces with more than 60 employees. Groupe Lebel offers a variety of finished products, from wood siding to EcoSheds, with a range of items in between.

Groupe Lebel has ten product lines carried in a variety of hardware stores. The family owned company comprises eight sawmills, four value-added mills and the seven wood treatment plants under the name Traitement Lebel Goodfellow Inc.

Groupe Lebel is one of the top 10 companies in eastern Canada’s forestry industry. The company employs 650 people spread throughout municipalities in Quebec (11), Ontario (3) and the Maritimes (2).

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