Groupe Lebel products

Groupe Lebel products

Wood is the best choice of material, because it is renewable, recyclable, durable and economical. It also makes a major contribution to fighting climate change by absorbing a large amount of the carbon present in the air.

The residues generated during the different stages of wood processing are used as raw materials for pulp and paper, cardboard, wood panels and energy production.  The use of wood in construction is truly ecological, because it requires less energy. Manufacturing of wood products generates much less pollution than many other products on the market.

Every production stage, from forest cutting to finished products, is subject to very high quality standard to offer our customers wood that meets the market’s different needs.


270 Boul. Samson,
Local 307 Laval,
Québec H7X 2Y9

Frédérick Anctil, Sales Manager (extension. 303)

Kim Reynolds, Representative (extension. 312)

James Doiron, Representative (extension. 310)

For any information, contact our sales team.

Treated Wood

Lebel Group Inc. announces a distribution partnership with AFA Forest Products Inc.

Rivière-Du-Loup, July 11th 2017 –GroupeLebelInc. and AFA Forest Products Inc. have entered intoan agreement that allows AFA Forest Products Inc. to becomethe exclusivedistributor of treated wood forGroupeLebel Inc. This distribution agreement comes into effect today and covers all of Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

AFA Forest Products Inc. will soon be in contact with the buying group merchants and buyers for all LBM stores and lumber yardsin order to offer them the treated wood products of the Lebel Group.

About AFA Forest Products Inc.

AFA Forest Products is a leader in the Canadian distribution industry. It is present from coast to coast with its 13 branches from Vancouver to Newfoundland and Labrador. Establishedin 1974 by offering plywood and timber products, AFA has now expanded and offers a diversified range of construction and building materials.

About Lebel Group.

Lebel Group is a family business that has been involved in forestry for more than 60 years. Thanks to its first, second and third transformation activities in its 18 plants, it offers a wide range of forest products for construction. The company is headquartered in Rivière-Du-Loup, Lower St-Laurent, and is present in fourteen municipalities in Quebec, two in Ontario and one in United States. The company employs about 1000 people today.

Customer Service 1-877-567-5910

International Beams (IB EWP)

For any information, contact our sales team.

(833) 422-3267 -

Other value-added products

Snow fences

Interior panelling

- Torrefied jack pine
- Torrefied aspen
- Natural or stained larch
- Natural or stained pine

For information or samples, call:

- 1-888-749-4737 #1
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