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  • Wood is the best choice for construction projects. Sustainable, wood comes from an abundant and renewable resource, and can be stored for centuries. 
  • Manufacturing timber requires much less energy and is much less polluting than the manufacture of steel or concrete. Wood, which captures and stores carbon, also removes a considerable amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, since one cubic meter (m3) of wood can contain around one tonne of CO2. Favoring wood in construction projects therefore effectively contributes to the fight against climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Finally, wood is an excellent thermal insulator and possesses remarkable acoustic properties. Wood is the best choice of material.


  • At Groupe Lebel, we are keen to ensure the sustainability of the resource so that the products of the tree are valued to the maximum, if not in full.
  • The residues generated during the various stages of wood processing are used as raw material for various purposes such as, pulp and paper, production of panels, animal litter and energy for wood drying, including the heating of our own factories. This way, we make maximum use of the resource.
  • To meet different market demands and to offer our customers excellence, all stages of production, from forest cutting to finished products, are subject to very high-quality standards.

Our sales team will meet your needs, whatever they may be, on our various products

Équipe de ventes

Sales team 450 688-9393

In the photo, from left to right:

Virginie Lemaire, Sales Representative: ext. 301
Jocelyn Gilbert, Assistant Sales Manager: ext. 314
Frédérick Anctil, Sales/Purchasing Director : ext. 303
Janick Bouffard, Sales Representative: ext. 307
Denis Pépin, Deputy Purchasing Director: ext. 300
Daniel Gariépy, Directeur ventes usine Nouvelle: 581 354-9663
Kim Reynolds, Assistant Sales Manager: ext. 312
James Doiron, Sales Representative: ext. 310
Philippe Biron, Sales Representative: ext. 304

Absent from the photo:
Pat Vaillancourt,
Assistant Sales Director: 207 868-0950

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Treated lumber

sortie cylindre bois traité

Our company has been producing pressure-treated lumber for over 30 years. For wood preservation, we use Tanatone®, which offers the following advantages:

  • A product that has proven itself for 20 years
  • Colour technology from Europe adapted for Canada
  • A rich and attractive brown tone
  • The color will slowly weather from rich brown to honey brown and in the longer term will become silvery gray
  • Limited lifetime warranty against damages caused by termites and fungal decay. Use above ground, in contact with soil and in fresh water

To see more information on the dimensions of our treated lumber: click here

To see the technical sheet of our Tanatone® treated wood: click here

We manufacture a whole range of accessories in treated wood:

  • Balusters
  • Caps and balls
  • Stringers
  • Handrails
  • Steps
  • Moldings
  • Posts and spindles
  • Picnic tables
  • Lattices

For more information, you can contact our Customer Service:

Phone: 905 951-4449

Email: cphillips@lebelcambium.com

Our sales team will meet your needs, whatever they may be, on our various products:


Dricon® fireproof treated wood reduces the spread of flames and the development of fumes.

To have the technical sheet of our Dricon® fireproof treated wood: click here

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Engineering Wood - Crossbeams

Poutrelles en I

Our goal is to provide a superior product and the largest line of solid lumber I-joists in North America.

Why is our product of superior quality?

  • The performance is superior and uniform
  • We have the largest load capacities in the industry
  • A complete line of 2 × 3 and 2 × 4 solid wood I-joists and heights from 9 1/2" to 24", with lengths up to 52'
  • Strict quality control standards
  • Technical support service
  • Access to our design, drawing and estimation software
  • Exceptional customer service

To know more about our products, visit our website.

For information about the dimensions of our beams: click here

To see our technical sheet: click here

Our sales team will meet your needs, whatever they may be, on our various products:

Other products

Wall panelling and Snow fences

Clôtures NDDL

Our sales team will meet your needs, whatever they may be, on our various products.

For more information, you can contact us:

Email: carole.ouellet@groupelebel.com