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engineered wood productsIB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS

Designed for superior performance
Our IB MAX-CORE® brand I-joists made from finger jointed softwood lumber is designed for Superior performance. Our IB EWP – Groupe Lebel division offers a complete range of I-joists which bear the IB MAX-CORE® trademark.

Our series are available in thicknesses from 9 ½ in. up to 24 in. and in lengths from 10 ft. up to 52 ft. Our IB MAX-CORE® joists is manufactured with solid sawn wood flange for an optimal load, span performance and for a minimal vibration impact of your floor and roof framings. By using any of our high-performance structural series, you will be able to save time and money on the top of it you will be dealing with an excellent quality product for your buildings.

Builders prefer IB Max-Core I-joist because:

  • it is faster and easier to install than traditional wood joist;
  • it improves the structural strength of the building.

Other advantages over traditional dimension lumber joist:

  • Lighter in weight hence easier to install
  • Stronger and offer a longer structural span
  • More uniform, stiffer and straighter
  • More durable and dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to splitting, warping, shrinking, and twisting and reduces floor squeaking.
  • 2x3 and 2x4 flange dimension offer a larger gluing and nailing surface area.
  • Installed with traditional framing tools and fasteners
  • Openings can be strategically cut in the I-joist web to allow for wiring, ductwork and plumbing. (see installation guide in DOCUMENTATION section below)
  • Reduction in material costs
  • Elimination of waste at work
  • Easy handling and installation for labor savings

Engineering products

Our software will help you calculate the exact number and type of IB MAX-CORE® joists required for your job. This software is only accessible to the IB MAX-CORE® partner network and its customers. To locate the partner closest to you, please contact us.


IB EWP - Groupe Lebel is also offering a range of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) products in collaboration with Murphy. For more details or to consult technical information, visit their website.

»»» Available in Canada only

LVL Products Specifications :

  • Available product grade :  2.1E and 2.2E
  • Thickness :  1-1/2", 1-3/4", 3-1/2", 5-1/4" and 7"
  • Widths :  3-1/2 ” to 24"
  • Lengths :  8' to 72'


For more information about our products, please contact us:

IB Max-Core:

480 Jocelyn Bastille
Pohénégamook, QC, Canada, G0L 1J0
1-833-IB BEAMS / 1-833-422-3267



Evaluation reports

Installation guides

Span tables


IB MAX-CORE® brand products hold the following certifications:


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