Assistant Stacker - Maradis, Maine USA

Essential Fonctions :

• Adheres to safety protocols and procedures to prevent accidents and injuries.

• Lays out quality packs of lumber.

• Stacks the lumber from the sorter.

• Extracts all broken pieces and any obvious off-grade pieces (heavy decay, timber break etc.) while stacking.

• Inspects equipment at beginning of shift to ensure that all of the parts are operating properly.

• Identifies and reports any safety problems, malfunctions, or damage to yard handling equipment, before, during or after the shift.

• Cleans when time is available or mill is down.

• Performs other duties as assigned to be deemed in the best interest of the organization.

• Ability to identify skews on curve chain and sorter quickly and address issues.

Competitive Salary with sign-on bonus

Hours: 40-45 hours

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