$100,000 Contribution to La Maison l’autnid

Don du Groupe Lebel à l'autnid

Rivière-du-Loup, April 27, 2022—Groupe Lebel support the development project of the Doris-Dickner residence by donating $100,000 to La Maison l’autnid organization. Again, this project plans to convert the former presbytery Saint-François-Xavier of Rivière-du-Loup into a residence for adults with autism.

The president of Groupe Lebel, Louis-Frédéric Lebel, indicates, “We are very proud to contribute to the needs of our community since one person in 66 in Canada is affected by this reality. We all know someone who is concerned one way or another by autism spectrum disorders. We salute the unflagging energy deployed by the board of directors at La Maison l’autnid these past few years to offer our children this lively and adapted living environment they need to grow safely. Every donation counts since it brings the families the moral support they need for their growth.”

More Than $750,000 Collected as of Now

Launched on the 14th of February this year, La Maison l’autnid’s major fundraising campaign has the wind in its sails. The organization already has over $750,000 in confirmed contributions yet, committed or received, to achieve its vision.

La Maison l’autnid’s president, Isabelle Marquis, emphasizes that “the Doris-Dickner residence project generates a lot of interest, not only in our region but also across the province. We are pleased by the current results of our major fundraising campaign, all the more we are also waiting for other responses we hope are favourable. One thing is sure, support such a Groupe Lebel’s, a family business deeply rooted in the region, helps consolidate our conviction. We give our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Louis-Frédéric Lebel and his organization to believe in our mission.”

The Crowdfunding Campaign Is Going Well

The crowdfunding campaign initiated on the La Ruche platform since Mars 14 also experiences a solid growth. While there is more than a month left to this popular campaign, 85% of the goal of $100,000 is met. Isabelle Marquis rejoices that those contributions come for all over Québec, which illustrates the interests of the public from here and elsewhere for such a communal, humanitarian and socially based vocation.

La Maison l’autnid organization’s mission is to help the growth and the integration of autistic people by offering them a stable and adapted living environment according to their level of independence. The Doris-Dickner residence will avoid repeating an institutional framework by offering a social housing environment at low cost with a warm family atmosphere.

A day-care service will be offered during the end of the day during the week for natural families who are still in the labour market, who wants to keep their child with them, but have no resources to entrust them to a qualified team of educators.

A weekend service, for the families that need a little break, will also be offered by hosting the children during a day or two. The residence will have a day activity centre during the week for people over 21 years old with an autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability who lives with their natural family.

Picture caption:

From left to right, Jean-François Boulanger, vice-president finance, Isabelle Marquis, president of La Maison l’autnid, and Louis-Frédéric Lebel, president of Groupe Lebel.



 Isabelle Marquis, président, La maison l’autnid

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        Web : https://lautnid.org

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